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How to Follow up After a Christmas (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, plus) Holiday Event

During the December holiday season, there are many social events, public gatherings, and parties that small businesses can attend. From a kid’s school play, to a Christmas Day basketball game to a choir concert to the Nutcracker or a client holiday party, small businesses have plenty of opportunities to connect with existing or potential customers.

While holiday parties and events may be more lighthearted and non-business in nature, they still provide small businesses an environment to make contact and be visible with key persons at target accounts. These events are especially an important touch with customers because lots of small business owners have pulled in their “sails” for the year and simply waiting for 2013 to begin.
To maximize connections with customers made at an holiday event, below are three tips on how to follow up.
1). Stay connected online through social media. This is a great way to strengthen your small business’ brand with existing and probable customers. For business to consumer (B2C) small businesses, using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are the top social media tools to connect and nurture relationships toward future sales. For small businesses serving other businesses (B2B) then Linkedin is the top social media tool of choice to stay connected and to generate leads. Other social media sites for B2B businesses are Twitter and Pinterest while Facebook can be used for amplification purposes.
2). Email a link to an interesting article (or mail a copy). Depending on the type of conversation held (business or personal) when chatting with key contact at target account, email a link of an article of interest. This article can be sports related, about kids soccer or about industry use of your small business’ product solution. The objective is to use this touch of sending an article as a means of follow up and to nurture customer relations.
3). Send a personal handwritten note. This is my personal favorite and best tool for using because it shows you care enough to take the time to write a note which is rarely done in our digital world. Stay tuned on tomorrow as I share additional nuggets on using a personal handwritten note to follow up.
That’s it for now. Please leave any comments or ask questions in the field below.

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