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Five Follow-up Tips for the New Year – Part One

This is part one of a two part series on follow-up tips for the new year.


We have discussed on end the importance of follow-up to your business.  We’ve talked about the fundamentals of follow-up and even things like the impact of hand-written notes, but we want to give you five follow-up tips for the new year that will be sure to help in making your business a success.


These five tips are very basic, but there’s a reason the phrase back to basics is frequently used. These basic building blocks of follow-up have stood the test of time because they work. So, if it’s not broke why try to fix it?


1. Networking Events


Networking events, can be a great place to make contacts and find potential customers and business alliances. Be selective at these events and collect only business cards and contact information from people with whom you can actually do business. At the same time put yourself out there and be friendly with all those that you meet because making a good impression on people will go a long ways.

To improve your follow-up, send a message to each contact the very next morning to set up a meeting or lunch to discuss how you can do business together. By being selective and following up right away, you increase your chances to make a productive business contact.


2. Use Your Calendar


A written calendar can be of great use to improve follow-ups. Every time you make a contact, write down a date in your calendar to follow up. It may be a weekly or monthly interaction. Even if someone you had hoped to do business with isn’t initially receptive continue to follow-up with them even if it’s a year down the road. You never know when they might change their mind and your follow up be what changes their initial “no” into a “yes.” Having it on your calendar helps you know exactly when and who you need to call that day.


Follow-up tips 3-5 will be posted on Wednesday.


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