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Are you dependable?  With this instant culture we are living in, you might be surprised to find out that it is becoming harder to be dependable.  Is it easy for you to say what you’re going to do and then do it?  It’s not always that simple.  A failure to follow through on what we say has become such a dominant pattern of modern life that most of us aren’t even aware when we do it. You meant it when you told your biggest account you would send them samples…you didn’t mean to forget.  So what happened?

Make a commitment to following through and becoming more dependable.  Commit to yourself that you will not go to bed at night until you have followed through on those commitments.  Realistically this is only a matter of minutes, we do live in the instant age, it is a time to be “quick to respond” to our customers needs.  Commit to the time that works for you and get it done!  You will feel much more at peace and so will your customer that you are committed to them and their success as well as your own!

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