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Five Follow-up Tips for the New Year – Part Two


This is final portion of a two part series on follow-up tips for the new year.


3. Follow Up with Current Customers


Remember that you want to encourage additional business from existing clients. Take time to research clients and find out what additional services you can provide. Find ones that haven’t been visited with you on a personal basis. Then contact them directly whether that be by phone or if possible in person. Create a script that will allow you to approach the prospect of additional business.  Remind them of the work you’ve done together in the past and ask how you can continue to earn their business.


4. Ongoing Follow-up


Always take the time to thank a customer for their business. You should always great your clients by thanking them for their business and don’t forget to smile. With your additional follow-up you should include a letter, preferably with a handwritten note. The letter should convey your gratitude and appreciation of their business. If your follow-up is an ongoing process your clients will be very comfortable with your business and much more likely to help your business grow by referral.


5. Referral Follow-up


One way to help increase your client base and improve your follow up is to encourage referrals. When a satisfied customer tells 3 or 4 of her friends or contacts, you have a great lead generator. Reward customers in some form for every referral they send your way. You could go as far as to ask specifically for names and contacts of 2 to 4 others who might be interested.

These are a few ways you can improve. Take action starting today to improve your follow-up strategy.

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