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Always be Marketing, Always Follow Up

Far too often we send out one message hoping it will be printed and posted next to their computer or we get the lead and wait for them to call us because they have our business card.


You need to always be marketing and following up with prospective clients.  It’s unusual that someone says yes to an offer when they first hear it.  That’s not to say people won’t say yes at first, but the majority will need some nudging in the right direction.  That nudge in the right direction comes from you following up with them.


Steady Messages

I heard a story once about a marketing conference that really illustrates the importance of following up.  The conference had nearly 1,000 people in attendance and the cost per seat was $5,000.  During the seminar, the organizer stood at the microphone and told everyone to stand.


After everyone was standing he asked everyone who had responded to his first to email to sit down. A few people sat down, but the vast majority remained standing.  He then asked that those who responded on his 2nd email to sit down, he continued until he got to the 8th email.


At this point he told us all to take a look at the number of people that were still standing.  Over half of the people were still standing.  The organizer then said, “look how many people wouldn’t have come to this seminar if I had stopped after sending that 8th email.


I love the story because it really does illustrate how important it is to be following up with perspective clients.


The Explanation Is Simple

When someone is contacted whether it be through a phone call, text message, tweet or in person, they may be interested but have something they consider more important going on in their life that day.


If you only send them one message and they have something they value more at the time going on then you are out of luck.



If you’ve ever been fishing you know that normally you don’t catch something on your first cast.  If you’re persistent and have a knowledge of what has been successful in the past you will catch something.  Even if you have the best equipment money can buy and have a fishing guide who knows the areas where fishermen are successful, if you only cast once you probably aren’t going to be successful.


That’s why you get up early, go to the spot on the lake where the fish are known to bite and you cast that lure all day long.  You aren’t going to cast it the same every time though, you need to change your movements and casting patterns.  If you do cast all day and change your patterns you will be successful.

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