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              Have you ever taken the time to grow something?  I mean really grow something from start to finish?  We always start a garden in the early spring.  We have taken the time to understand and know which seeds to start when, and even where in our garden.  This hasn’t been easy, it has been somewhat of a trial and error.  Some summers differ from the next, and always the harvest is vastly different from year to year.  One thing will never change is how rewarding it is to take something and nurture it from seed to harvest.  How exciting it is to share that harvest with family and friends!

              Sharing is equal to enjoying it for yourself.  This season of fall has brought many reminders of things outside of my garden that could use a little more nurturing.  The past season has brought quite a vast difference in the ways I do business.  Quite possibly, you are curious about ways to overcome changes in your business as well.  I have looked at some of my tomato plants that I thought would be a great variety to add to what I have done in years past, yet I was disappointed with the results.  Then I remembered the few days it struggled in the heat, not watered like I had intended.  How many customers had I let struggle in the same way?  In business “Your Money is in the Follow Up”!

              The “follow up” is the nurturing, or the caring of the customer.  Quite similar to the nurturing and caring you would give to your garden.  How you nurture and care for your customer will determine your harvest or the success enjoyed by not just you, but your customer as well.  The follow up is your money and will be the way to make the profits you need.  “Your Money is in the Follow Up” not just a book, but a guide leading you and showing you how to find the right customers out there ready to do business with you.  You and your customer will be happy with the results, just like sharing the harvest from your garden.

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