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Asking How to Find Cash


Are you finding yourself asking  “How can I grow or have more cash in my business?  It’s an easy question to ask, and it’s easy to blame the economy.  Yet our economy cannot be to blame when people are still lining up for the newest iphone.  Consumers are still spending money, the question is how to get them spending money with your business.  I recently spoke with a small business owner who said he will always follow up with anyone.

He told a story of a large “guaranteed” account he landed, all he needed to do was follow up with them.  Feeling secure about the newly acquired account, he blew the call. Showed up a few days later, only to find he had lost the account.  Losing this large account was a huge landslide that affected his business for years to follow.   This business owner learned  that follow up was just as important as the product you are offering.  Follow up may sound easy, yet is often a pitfall for many great businesses and can account for either a successful business or one that is ready to close the doors.  In Helen’s book, she shares with you just how to follow up successfully and finding more cash in your business.

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