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One Good Reason to Avoid Talking About the Fiscal Cliff During Follow-up Calls

When following up by phone, use positive words to create an environment of success. Using negative words and sharing bad news such as the financial “fiscal cliff” undermines your main objective for following up.


Computer geeks and software developers often use the term “GIGO” which means garbage in (negative words, bad news of the day) equals garbage out (unfulfilled objectives, missed goals). This basically means when you input wrong code into the program then the system will not output what you desire. The same is true when you’re following up with a target account by phone. If you start your conversation with target account mentioning the financial fiscal cliff, you are wasting precious time with your contact and most likely losing credibility.


To prevent from being derailed during your follow-up call, stay focused and use positive words which can help achieve your overall goal.


Remember that it is all about your customer and what’s in it for them. Your contact at target account is not eager to hear about the world’s problems . Your small business’s role is to serve which involves eliminating your target account’s pain plus helping to solve their problems. And using words of defeat and sharing fiscal cliff news adds no value to you or to your target account.


Following up by phone is the next best thing to being present with your customers. When you decide to use positive words and phrases that support your overall objective then you will see your small business benefit.

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