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Three Important Reasons to Add Follow-up into Your 2013 Marketing Plan

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Add Follow-up Strategies to Your Marketing Plan

Wow! It is 2013 and I am excited about the many possibilties this year has in store for the small business community. But before you speed too far down-the-road with new year enthusiasm, make sure your marketing plan is updated with strategies on following up with target accounts.


Sales data shows that it takes 5 to 7 touches with a new account before making a sale, but many small businesses quit after the second attempt. So to stand out in a crowded marketplace, below are three important reasons to encourage you to develop your marketing plan with key follow-up strategies in 2013.


  • The right customer relationships fuel the success of your small business and follow-up marketing and actions cultivate long term relationships which can help your small business grow at target accounts.


  • Being known and positioned as an dependable solution provider is valuable to small businesses. Follow up can assist your small business in gaining this type of branding which sets your small business apart when key purchases are made by target accounts.


  • Staying in communication and visible can mitigate loss of business at key accounts plus it can help minimze adverse impacts in the marketplace such as the US Governments’ financial fiscal cliff.


Go ahead expectantly into the new year, but do so wisely with an updated marketing plan with key follow up strategies for 2013. When you do, your customers and your small business will see the difference.


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