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Houston Marathon

I recently drove a support vehicle for my husband as he completed a 206 mile bike race.  The race has a “cult” following, boasting over 1400 racers from 42 states.  The race has many different categories or “CATS”, and each “CAT” has a different start time.  The race begins early in the morning and as per UCI guidelines the finish line closes at 8:30 p.m.

Preparation for the race begins in the winter prior to the race, and is well planned right down to exactly what you should eat and drink for training and during the race.  Words cannot explain how you feel watching the racers come across the finish line.  Every racer is cheered on as if they had won the race.  With some of the biggest cheers as the last racer crossed the line…and then the finish line closes at 8:30.  As we drove away from the finish line, I was drawn to tears watching little head lamps lighting the way to the closed finish line.  Yes, there were still many racers still racing even though the finish line had closed.  Dedicated racers who refuse to give up, even if the finish line was officially closed.

Helen Callier dedicates her book “Your Money is in the Follow Up” For all those who say “I am a winner” when crossing the race finish line. We are all racers, each in our own “CATS”.  You might be one of the nearly 11 million who own their own business.  You might be one of the nearly 8 million who lost your job and currently looking for your next job.

Whatever your current “CAT” is you need to be dedicated to follow up.  Follow up will help you cross your finish line. In Helen’s book, she shares  “without follow-through, sales are lost.”  Helen has years of experience in different “CATS” and knows that we can easily “become discouraged when the prospect says “no, not at this time.”  She knows that “Sales data shows it takes about seven to ten contacts with a prospect to close a sale.”  We must stay dedicated to the follow up, and keep pedaling to your finish line.

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