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Customer Letters

The new year is here and it’s time to start getting your customer letters for January ready to send out. Following up with your customers isn’t a one time thing. It is a continually process that is essential to maintaining a good relationship. A great way to maintain constant contact with your customers and clients is through customer letters.


There are many reasons for writing a business letter to your customers. You may be writing to tell them of new events, specials or you may also want to reach out just telling them how much you appreciate their business. One important thing to remember when writing customer letters is to maintain a professional format and dealing with each client on an individual basis.


When you write your customer letters a good way to make sure your clients feel appreciated is to include a handwritten note that accompanies the professional letter like we’ve discussed in previous posts or  any number of things like a photo or invitation to give it a very personal touch. If you start now on your letters for this month you’ll be able to put time and thought into them and really make a difference with your clients and customers.

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