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Updating your status with Facebook and other Social Media

Social MediaRunning a business today is very different from how it was 10 years ago. Now, information about your business is all over the Internet whether you put it there or not. Customers have discovered they can easily voice their opinions on their social media page and millions of people can see it. Some companies have even been destroyed because of a bad social media presence. But, if you can understand the importance of keeping up your social media, you can really enhance your business image.


Using social media is a fun way to stay in touch with the customers who love your company and the products you offer. Many people are very willing to “like” or “follow” businesses they’ve had good experiences with. It’s also a great way to advertise big sales or specials to your devoted fans. Millions of people log into their social media accounts every day, sometimes even multiple times a day, and the more you are able to put your company out there, the better chance you’ll have of people remembering you when they need a product you have.


Social media is also a great way to improve customer service. If someone is offended by your company, they’ll most likely want to tell all their friends about it so their friends don’t have the same experience. Therefore, many people complain about companies on social media where they’ll be heard loud and clear. This can really hurt a company if they don’t have a good social media presence and can catch these comments early on. If you apologize to your customer and try to make amends on social media as well, the people you may have offended will realize that you are listening to them and really do appreciate their business.


These are just a few reasons why having a strong social media presence can improve your business. There are many options you could use to improve your social media, including: offering contests online, updating your social media pages at least once a day, and answering any questions or concerns people may write on your social media accounts.

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